Before I became a photographer, I was a professional dancer. Few years ago, almost accidentally I started to take photographs, and it was just natural that I found myself attracted to express the way I perceive dance through the lens of the camera. This attraction turned out to be a huge passion in my life, and at the last five years, I've been photographing performances and dance festivals in Israel and abroad, participated in the International Israel photography festival  (Gender exhibition), presented a photo in art magazinez (Gendertuck, Israel Dance Magaazine- mahol achshav).  Last february,Two of my photos were presented in an exhibition in Rome- 'bodies in movement' (produced by LoosenArt) and these days I'm taking part in a dance and movement exhibition in Performing Arts Theatre in Herzelia.    

Though dance, body and movement are my favorites subjects, I'm inspired by urban and nature landscapes,  and by the daily life events that are happening all the time around us.  

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